Guidelines In Choosing The Perfect Furniture Rental For Your Upcoming Events

We live in a world where convenience is a must. We atrociously hate being in queues and suffering from such hassles, that’s probably our worst enemy. We always make sure to look into things that will make our life easier by a mile.


One great example of which is the growing number of people who hire professional events group for their upcoming and important celebrations in life. It’s worry-free and convenient. People are choosing to do this option rather than being a hands-on planner and prepare every single detail because it is very hard to achieve in the first place. They don’t want to be worried about the difficulty of bringing and looking for such important party fixtures like catering sets, projectors, chairs and tables to name a few. The good news is that there are companies who are willing to lease some of these essential materials because they don’t want people to be stressed on that very simple matter. The next dilemma is choosing among all these rental companies that offers great deals to their consumers. Let me advise you some basic recommendations in picking the right furniture for rent provider for your next party.


  • Cost comes first. Always look for supplies and fixtures that will perfectly match the theme, style and concept of your event without hurting your target budget. Don’t get too overboard with the costing at any given time. Live within your means as they always say. Be informed of the latest offers, deals and packages from event organizers around your area and be sure to check them out.


  • Compare all your options. It’s always better to visit all the nearest rental furniture Singapore companies on your area to check the different furniture styles they offer to its customers most especially if you have an upcoming exhibitions or exposition. Emphasis is on the word “nearest” because we must take note of the fact that most these companies have limitations on the proximity of areas to deliver their materials.  Another good comparison to consider is that the costumer is provided with several rental options on their desired items that they will use. It is either renting a whole stage set for a thanksgiving celebration or just some few pieces of chairs and tables depending on the clients favoured arrangement.


  • Check the rules and guidelines of the leasing contract. People who will rent in the future should not overlook this piece of paper. This is where altercation occurs between the company and the client because they didn’t read and understood what it is written which is signed by both parties. Stated on this contract are the terms and conditions on the payment scheme that you will follow. Most importantly, reminders are given to emphasize that you are held liable for any damages on the furniture or any materials that was borrowed for your event. There are places where in they are very strict on these agreements just like the event furniture rental Singapore companies.


In this fast paced environment and lifestyle that we’re currently experiencing, we want everything in an instant. So we welcome these worry-free service oriented businesses because they are here to make one awesome party at a time.



7 Latest Trends in Event Furniture Rental


From woodworks to metal bars, there are tons of event furniture rental trends to check out this year. Organise and host your events right with the latest trends that will help you achieve your business goals.

  1. Woodworks. Add wooden harvest tables or authentic barn board farm tables and benches to weddings and special events. Wood furniture provides a classic, calm, sophisticated, and elegant look. These furnishings, such as wooden tables and chairs, are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. What’s also good about wood furniture designs is that they are handmade and each piece of wood is selected meticulously; hence, adding to the aesthetics of the venue.

Moreover, the choice of this furniture reflects how environmentally conscious you are.


  1. Monogramming. Give your events a customised look with monogrammed furniture that will stun every guest. If you are holding a corporate party, you can add an acrylic bar or ice bar with monogram. For weddings, monogram chairs of the bride and groom will surely make the couple more lovely and gorgeous.


  1. Illuminated. Make your event glow with illuminated furniture. This sets a relaxing mood, which allows guests to be more comfortable and feel entertained.

Illuminated furniture rental pieces such as LED table, pedestal bar, couches, candle holders, and more, can produce a more unique and dramatic event that your guests will never forget. These can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be illuminated in any colour and have various strobe effects to match with the event’s theme and bring a colourful touch of glamour.


  1. Lounge furniture. Incorporate lounge furniture into your event design to add an element of comfort, sophistication, and elegance. The use of white or black lounge furniture ensures guests comfortable seating and even provides them the opportunity to socialise or talk semi-privately. This is recommended in filling up large venue spaces.

Rent furniture, build up the theme in the cocktail areas, open lawn, or veranda space with lounge furniture, and give your guests a memorable experience.


  1. Contemporary. Clean and simple looks of contemporary rental furniture Singapore never get old. If your event’s location is a wide open natural space or a pool-side patio, you will never go wrong with metal furniture. Let your venue be the perfect choice for outdoor party or event with platinum and near-bronze tables and chairs. If you are having an intimate meeting or a chat over coffee, a bistro metal furniture set is appropriate.


  1. Industrial. Include industrial furniture options in weddings, corporate meetings, and other special events. Offer something new to your guests by placing high-back couches and chairs, tall bistros, coffee tables, and bar tops.


  1. Eclectic. Create an innovative and creative event with eclectic furniture. Search for the right eclectic furnishings that will provide comfort, quality and most importantly, make your guests happy. Choose pieces of furniture with vibrant colours and mixed patterns to create unique spaces. Let your clients enjoy a modern wedding style by renting eclectic wedding furniture.

Take advantage of this year’s latest event furniture rental trends to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Dumb Mistakes when Choosing a Career Path

headhunter in Singapore.jpg

Once you graduate, the next thing you think about is what career path you should follow. Choosing a career is such a daunting period in anyone’s life. It is a decision that could potentially stay with you for the rest of your life. How do you prevent making the wrong decision? We list down the mistakes people make when choosing a career path so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

  1. Relying on someone else’s opinion

Parents and mentors often like to dictate what career path their children should take. The main reason is that they want a career that pays well for you. And as great as it is to have high-paying job, it isn’t the only factor in choosing your career path. Interest and passion are big factors in choosing a job. After all, you’ll spend a majority of your time at work. Following someone’s advice, in this case, should be taken with a grain of salt.

  1. Not researching

Researching the career and industry you want to get into will make your decision easier. Talk to a headhunter in Singapore or someone who knows the industry well to get an insider’s point of view. Many people who enter the workforce don’t fully understand what the job entails and that often leads to disappointment.

  1. Doing it for the money

As stated in number one, money isn’t everything when it comes to your career. Following a career because of money can be unfavourable to your long term job satisfaction. You fail to see all the other factors that might not make the career favourable to you. You might end up hating it because it’s something that doesn’t fulfil you in the long run.

  1. Failing to know yourself

There are personality tests for a reason. They can help you determine what type of person you are and the different tasks that your personality will flourish in. The top headhunters in Singapore would recommend that you take a personality test first before exploring any career. By assessing yourself, you can also eliminate careers that don’t suit your strengths.

  1. Limit your options

There are so many different jobs to choose from. Don’t focus on the ordinary jobs. Take it from headhunters in Singapore. There are a lot of emerging jobs that are great for entry-level professionals. It’s a chance for you to build an expertise in a new industry and profession.

  1. Choosing someone else’s dream

Choosing your parent’s unfulfilled dreams is a definite no-no. Never be pressured into something you have no interest in.

There are so many things to consider when choosing a career path. Hopefully, you don’t follow these career mistakes. If you still end up regretting your career path, it’s not the end of the world. Although difficult, there are a lot of successful people who have successfully switched careers. Always remember that the decision should always come from you.

Can you think of any other career blunders you can think of? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear it.