5 Effective Ways to Save Money When Buying Flowers

Sending flowers is one of the gestures that we love doing for our loved ones. It is one of the best ways to make someone’s day happier or make them feel how much we love them. However, buying flowers can be sometimes expensive, which is the reason why people are hesitant to send flowers nowadays. But there are many ways to save money when you send flowers and some of these are listed below.


  • Do it yourself

If you wanted to give a bouquet that is both personalized and inexpensive, then you need to use your creativity. Even though you are not knowledgeable about doing your own bouquet out of stems of flowers, you can watch tutorials on how to do it. Instead of spending your money on buying bouquets that are already made, you can just pick flowers separately and make them into a bouquet. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look good compared to the ones sold in flower shops because it is always the thought that counts.


  • Shop for celebration

If mother’s day or other event or celebrations is just a few weeks before, most flower shops offer discounts and other promos to their customers. It is the reason why timing your flower shopping can save you a lot of money. Even though the prices of the flowers might still be the same, you can still get some perks such as free delivery or free products that can be included on the flower delivery. Just ask the online flower shop about their promos if you are interested. It is always a great experience to be offered with free stuff or service.


  • Pick in-season flowers

One of the reasons why many people tend to spend too much money when shopping for flowers is because they pick the season flowers. If you want to buy cheap flower, make sure that it is in-season. This type of flowers tends to be cheaper because the flower shops can easily get it from their suppliers for a lower price. Some of the popular in-season flowers include hyacinth, orchids, anemones, jasmine, calla lilies, carnations, and gerbera. If you don’t know which ones are in season for a certain month, you can just search over the internet.


  • Ask the florist

Florists are available to help their customers whether to pick the most expensive one or the cheaper ones. They are knowledgeable which ones are inexpensive that will still deliver the message you wanted to convey through flowers. Do not hesitate to ask the florist which ones are inexpensive just because you are shy. Believe it or not, most people go for the cheapest ones.


  • Shop online

Aside from the convenience it can give to the customers, shopping online will definitely help you save money more than you think. Shopping online for cheap flowers and products can be easy because you can easily sort the prices from low to high. It will be easier for you to know which ones are perfect for your budget because all the prices are stated already. There is no need to guess which ones you can afford and there is no need to ask the florist. In addition, cheap online flower delivery Singapore is a great service and you might also avail a free one.