How to Throw a Graduation Party

Graduation is an important milestone for high school students going to college and for college students who are finally entering the real world. It’s a rare occurrence and what better way to feel proud of this accomplishment than by throwing a graduation party?


Here’s a quick and easy guide for the perfect send off:

  1. Guest List

Write an initial guest list for easy reference. You may decide to contact each one of them or the primary ones who can tell the others about the upcoming send-off party. This is your way of knowing the date and time which is most convenient to everyone. It’s a difficult task considering that some may be coming from different countries or have other activities to take care of. If you want the guests to prioritise this as much as you do, give them ample time to adjust and prep beforehand.

  1. Budget Plan

Create a budget plan by listing the things you need and their respective value. This will help you manage the logistic aspect of the party and provide what everybody needs. The essentials include:

  • Event Location
  • Catering Services
  • Sound System
  • Decor
  • Event Furniture Rental

The list goes one but you can certainly find these things in Singapore. To get the best deals, make sure to do a price comparison amongst various shops before making a purchase.

  1. Location Hunting

You can begin by searching for venues online. While you’re at it, make sure you take note of the following things:

  • The distance between the venue and your invited guests. Is is near their houses?
  • The size of the venue. Will it fit the number of people who said they’re coming?
  • The venue’s condition. Is it well-maintained?
  • Does it fit into your budget?

Perhaps the most important question here is whether the pricing of the venue’s in line with your budget or not. Take note to never overspend—not only in terms of the venue but also to all the items in general.

  1. Furniture for Rent

Once you’ve chosen the perfect location, it’s time to search for furniture rentals in Singapore. There are all kinds of furniture in the market but event furniture are aesthetically different from the bunch. There are different designs to choose from and each one also has a unique price to it. The important things to consider here are the design and pricing. The furniture are mostly affordable. Moreover, you can spend less on decorations if you get beautiful yet simple furniture.

  1. Guest Invitations

Instead of sending mail invitations, you can save tons of money by creating an event and inviting your guests on social media. You can put all the essential details there—the event’s purpose, location, dress code, date, and time. Apart from the preparations you made for the initial guest list, this one gives you an accurate guest count.

It takes time to plan and organise a graduation party or parties in general. With that said, be sure to do these things as soon as possible—preferably months before the tentative date of the party. Other than that, enjoy the meaningful celebration!