Top 5 Tips When Buying Business Corporate Gifts

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Buying corporate gifts is not easy as it seems. You will need to spend time in thinking which items that you will give as gifts to your employees, clients, or customers to make sure that you will purchase items that are worth your money. If you are planning to buy corporate gifts, below are some tips that will help you with your shopping.

Set a budget

Before searching for products that you can purchase, it is recommended for you to set a budget first and make sure to stick with it. Keep in mind that buying corporate gifts in Singapore is not cheap which is why you need to be smart in spending your money. If you set a budget before searching for products, you will make your shopping become easier and faster because your options will be immediately be narrowed down. You will also be able to get the best deal if you stick with your budget because you will purchase items that you like without overspending.

Buy from reputable manufacturer

When you want to buy Singapore corporate gifts make sure to purchase the items from a reputable manufacturer or company. There are tons of manufacturers that you can find that sells corporate gift items but not all of them are worthy of your trust and money. Buy only from a trusted and reputable manufacturer to make sure that the items you will purchase are in high quality and worthy of your money. You can read reviews and check the ratings of a certain manufacturer to find out if their past customers were happy and satisfied with the products they purchased.

Keep your brand in mind

When choosing business corporate gifts you have to keep your brand in mind. There are plenty of items that you can choose from but it will be great if you choose items that can be related to your company or business. Buy items that will remind the recipients about the services or products that you offer. Although it is not required for you to do this tip, it will be helpful if you choose items that will represent your brand. For example if you own an airline company, you can consider giving corporate gifts that can be used when travelling.

Consider the recipients’ lifestyle

It is also recommended for you to consider the lifestyle of the recipients of the gift when buying the items because you want it to be useful for them. If you are planning to give corporate gifts to your employees, you can give them stationery items that they can use in the office or bags where they can store their laptops or other stuff. If you want to give gifts to your customers who love to use their gadgets, you can give them accessories that they can use every day.

Shop around

Before adding the items that you like to purchase to your cart, it is better if you shop around first before sending your orders. Browse all the products the manufacturer offers or you can also check out products from different manufacturers. If you shop around, you would not regret your purchase once you find better items later on. Make sure that you are already satisfied and decided with your choice of items before purchasing it.


Tips on Decorating Your Home Office

Having a home office is essential for some people who do home-based jobs, freelance jobs, have their own business, or the ones who are self-employed. It’s supposed to be a space where they can focus on their work or meet their clients to discuss some projects. It is the reason why it is very important to make your home office functional and motivate you to do your work. No matter how little or big your home office will be, it is recommended that you spend your time and effort in making it beautiful not only for the sake of aesthetics but also because it is a great investment for your profession or business. If you’re planning to transform an additional room into your home office, below are some ways that can help you in decorating.


  • Define your style

The preferred style of each one of us is different. Some people want their home office to achieve minimalist look while some prefer industrial. Your personality can help you define the style that you like. If you think that you’re more functional when your surrounding is clean and organized, then the minimalist style is perfect for you. Deciding which style your home office will be will not only help to represent your personality but it will also help you in decorating it. If you already know what style you want will help you figure out how the office furniture Singapore that you’ll buy should look like and what shops you should visit to get it. The style will also help to make your home office look cohesive because everything will complement with each other.


  • Use office furniture

The choice of furniture pieces that you will use for your home office is entirely up to you. You can use the stylish metal chair you bought a year ago or the table you inherited from your parents.  But if you want to ensure that your office will be functional, it is important that you buy furniture pieces from Singapore furniture shop that are designed to use in an office. You might think that it will make no difference but the office furniture is truly more functional and it is comfortable to use compared to the metal chair that you like. Keep in mind that you’ll be sitting on your office chair for hours and you don’t want to hurt your back after a long day.


  • Incorporate new things

Even though it is better to use office furniture for your chairs, tables, and organizers, it doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate other things. You can bring outdoor furniture inside your home office like the side table where you can put a lamp, or a bar side table where you can setup your computer if you prefer standing while working. You can also try using a stylish kitchen cart with several shelves where you can put your stationeries and files to make sure they’re organized. Don’t be afraid to incorporate new things as long as you know it will help your home office to become more functional. You can also get decors that are not meant for the office but if you want to see them while you’re working then feel free to use them because in the first place, it is your own office and you can honestly do what you want.

Tips On Finding a Perfect Event Venue

Finding a venue for an event is not easy as it seems. There are factors that you need to consider such as budget, location, and the space capacity. It is the reason why you need to give time and effort before deciding which of the plenty of venues you should choose. If it’s your first time to plan a private event that you don’t have an idea how to start or you can’t pick one because there are plenty of choices, below are some tips that will definitely help you out find the perfect venue for your event.


  • Decide what you want

Searching for venue rental Singapore will be easier and faster if you already know what you want. Even though how little your idea is, it will still help with your search. For example, you want a certain location where you want the event to happen, then the location of your choice will immediately narrow down your choices because you will just search for venues in that location. As much as possible, list all the things that you want before doing your research. In addition, decide your priorities and find out if your prospect venues can meet most of those, if not all of them.


  • Do your research

With the modern technology, searching for anything became easier. You just have to search over the internet and find available venues in the location that you prefer. Visit different websites and see their portfolios so you have ideas on how their venues look like and if they match your taste. As you browse the gallery, ask yourself if you can picture your event happening in that event space rental Singapore or not. List the venues that you prefer or bookmark their websites so it’ll be easier for you to visit them again once you need to study about them further.


  • List pros and cons

While browsing the websites of different event venues Singapore, start listing the pros and cons of each one. Do you like a venue but it’s located far away? Do you like the other venue but it’s expensive? Making a list of pros and cons of each venue will definitely help you narrow down your choices and it will help you ensure that you’ll come up with the perfect decision. Check if your priorities are in their pros and see if the cons of the venues don’t bother you at all. If the cons will make a huge impact on your event, then it will be better if you find another one.


  • Visit the venues

One of the last steps but also one of the most important ones is to visit the venues. You don’t need to visit all the venues that you researched. It is the reason why after listing the pros and cons, you need to rank the venues which one you like best. Visit your top three choices and find out if the space is enough to accommodate your guests comfortably, if it’s accessible for everyone, or if the services and amenities are great. Never book a venue without visiting it first and never rely just only with what you see on their websites’ galleries because you might get disappointed eventually.

What You Need To Know About Funeral Services

Death and funerals are very sensitive matters—and no one wants to talk about them openly even when we all know that we are all bound to fade and perish in the end. “Many people have done everything they can to protect their family’s future: invested wisely, opened savings accounts and acquired insurance on their life and home. But they haven’t taken care of their own funeral arrangements – leaving one of the most difficult tasks for their surviving family members to figure out during a time of sadness and loss,” wrote Molly M. Gligor in 10 Things to Know About Planning a Funeral or Cremation Service for


And this is pretty normal for who would want to live a life thinking he or she is immortal. But reality sets in, at one point or another, one of your family member, beloved friend, or a relative might need your assistance—and you need to gather yourself, be strong, and set aside your grieving self for a moment to make sure a proper funeral is given to this dearly departed. Martha Cooey, who has handled a lot of funeral services in Singapore for the past 5 years as she worked for her father’s funeral parlor as a managing director, shared some heart-warming stories about people they served, “There was one time that a 55-year-old man was brought to us by his second family. Apparently, the man has 3 families, and lots of children from different mothers. While this was the first time that all families meet each other, I’ve seen how they all hugged and became cordial with each other despite their families’ situation. They kept saying that the father was a good man and he deserves an honourable funeral.


Everyone shared the responsibility of arranging everything, from the preparation of readying the body to the memorial service after he was laid to rest. That was the most dignified funeral I have ever seen and handled.” Cooey added that she handled quite some other interesting funeral in Singapore for people of different religions, “I must say our job is very culturally and religiously influenced. And we strictly follow our customer’s wishes according to their beliefs. Most of the Singapore funeral I handled proved to be all dignified. It shows how Singaporeans have a close-knit family culture.”
Here are some guides to follow in case you are tasked to arrange a funeral for someone dear:

• The First Call
The first step to do is call for a transportation that shall carry the deceased body to a funeral home facility. If you the place of death is in the hospital, you can ask help from the staff and the hospital can even provide a vehicle like an ambulance for you. If this happened outside, you need to call someone to assist you. Anyhow, you should always have emergency numbers with you so you won’t be rattled in cases like this.


• Does the deceased person have last wishes?
If the dearly departed had specified in his last will and testaments that he had preferences on how his funeral should be, strive to follow these last wishes. Did he want to be cremated or not? Did he mention if he wants a dear friend to do a eulogy on his funeral? Did he want a specific picture of him to be displayed on the funeral? These little things may seem small and irrelevant, but it is always nice to respect the person’s wishes. On the other hand, if the dead person was gone all too sudden that no one thought he will die so soon, it is likely that he never planned anything about his funeral. In cases like this, funeral arrangements must be carefully discussed among family members.


• Some more Specific Details on the Funeral Services
A lot of things must be decided upon, and this can be pretty difficult for someone who is handling such situation for the first time. Things like what kind of casket should be bought; will it be an open or closed casket ceremony; what more funeral products are needed; what should be the final disposition of the body?—again, you cannot be single-handedly doing all the decision making. Ask someone with experience to help out if no one in the family can get their acts together because it is likely that everyone is still trying to recover from this saddening event. But as much as possible, again, discuss these concerns with people close to the dead person. They surely know better. Your job is put everything together and oversee all logistics, documents, transportation, and other programs that need to be followed and done. Remember, everyone close to the dead might be feeling weak, confused, and depressed at this time so it is very much important that you stay strong and rational.


• How About the cemetery arrangements
According to’s article A How-to Guide for Making Funeral Arrangements, “If cemetery property has not already been purchased, it will be necessary to meet with a cemetery representative to purchase a burial or entombment space. In some cases, the funeral director can make these arrangements on behalf of a family.”

How to Move on After Losing Someone You Love

In this world that is full of uncertainty, plot twists and surprises that will knock us off our feet and catch us off-guard, only death and taxes are sure. And although some con artists, tax evaders and criminals might have the gall, cojones and grand, comprehensive plan to elude the watchful eyes of the agents of the Internal Revenue Services, everybody will feel the touch of the Grim Reaper himself one way or another. Every single person here on earth, the young and the old, men and women of all races, will bite the dust and go to the great gig in the sky someday and no amount of healthy living, balanced diet or exercising in the gym can make people live forever and cheat death.


And there is no feeling more sombre, dreadful and miserable than attending the Singapore funeral service of someone that you hold close and dear to your heart because our friends, family and loved ones are the people that make the meal of life more palpable. And that is why the gaping and deep hole that they leave in our hearts when they finally pass on will never be filled up once again and no amount of condolence cards, funeral wreaths and flower arrangements is enough to make us forget the treasured memories that we made through all the years. Here are some key pieces of advice that will help people move on and get their life back on track after losing people that are special in their world.


Bring Out the Picture and Home Videos

Instead of listening to depressing, classical music and wearing black outfits and dark ensembles during the funeral services in Singapore or other Southeast Asian countries, people can bring out their old photo albums and home videos so that they can look at the pictures and watch home movies that they took during momentous occasions in their lives. This will help them remember the fun times that they had and help alleviate some of the pain that gnaws insistently deep inside their chests.




Swap Stories and Share Anecdotes

During the funeral services in Singapore as well as during the wake, the family of the bereaved are deep in mourning and their sadness and misery is so thick that you can cut it with a sharp knife. To help them process their feelings and make them see the light at the end of the long and dark tunnel, friends and members of the extended family can swap stories and share personal anecdotes that they have about the dearly departed to make them come to life even if just in their mind’s eye.


Stay Together through the Tough Times

The time when they finally go home and start their life anew without their loved ones is more painful and miserable for the mourning family and this is when deep depression sinks in and takes over their life. To help them move on, see the silver lining of the dark clouds overhead and see the beauty of life once again, friends and family members should stick together and brave the storm holding each other close because this will make them process their loss and feelings better.

Three Tips to Stay Safe and Sound in this Modern Age

In this modern day and age, we are suffering different kinds of calamities and natural disasters like super typhoons, massive earthquakes, torrential floods and devastating tsunamis that claim countless of lives and leave families lamenting in deep pain and misery because of the ravaging effects of climate change and global warming. And that is the reason why we must mend the folly of our ways by lowering our carbon footprint, lessening the pollution that we poison our environment with and take preventive measures to make sure that the next generations to come will have a brighter future in their horizon and not inherit a barren and desolate wasteland.


Therefore, the onus falls on international conglomerates, ppe safety regulators in Singapore and other billion-dollar industries to initiate projects that fall on their corporate social responsibility because this is their humanitarian and philanthropic way of giving back to the community. But even average joes and normal citizens can do their part in protecting the environment and conserving our natural resources because we all need to join hands, participate in different endeavours and go green or else we run the risk of feeling the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath and vengeance. Everybody should also keep safety on top of their list at all times and with that said, here are some tips on how to stay safe and sound at all times to keep accidents and other harmful events at bay.


  • Start a Clean Up Crew

                Mountains of rotting trash, refuse and garbage invite all kinds of pests and vermin like rats, cockroaches and flies that bring all sorts of infectious diseases, bacteria and viruses and that is why homeowners should take the time to clean up after themselves and make sure that their houses are immaculately pristine and spic and span. Unkempt yards, overgrown bushes and trees with wayward branches can also cause accidents especially in households with little children and pets and that is why parents should take the time to mow the lawn, trim those branches and weed the garden.


  • Sound the Alarm

                Aside from installing security cameras and alarm systems to stay safe from different kinds of home invaders like cat burglars, thieves and violent robbers, homeowners should also install a gas detector so that they can identify leaks and other problematic areas that can cause catastrophic explosions. They can also adopt a dog from the pound and train it in such a way that it can use its heightened and sharp senses to ward off bad guys and detect these kinds of gas leaks.


  • Make New Friends and Join the Neighbourhood Watch

                Aside from installing the most expensive security systems and buying state of the art gas detection equipment to make sure that their families and possessions are safe from accidents and criminals, it is also crucial for homeowners to get to know their neighbours and other people in the community. Expanding your network of friends will ensure that you have a lot of people that you can rely on in case of emergencies and this can also give people a sense of goodwill and gratification because they are important members of the community who have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Top 5 Romantic Date Ideas

Even though there are tons of articles that suggests about what you can do for your next date, you might still have a dilemma which one to pick. It’s hard to make a decision if you are not ready to spend a lot of money but still want to make your date special. Whether you and your significant other have been together for a long or short time, below are some romantic date ideas that you will both enjoy without breaking the bank.


  • Dinner for two

Probably the most common date idea for couples is to have dinner together. You might have done this for several times but there are still other things that you can do to make it more special and different. If you are both used to dining at expensive restaurants, why not try to do it at home. Surprise your partner by cooking the dishes and setting the table before she comes home. This dinner for two will surely be memorable especially if your partner doesn’t have an idea that you can cook. But if you are not good at cooking, make a delivery order and just set the table, which is still be appreciated by your loved one.


  • Get pampered

Due to the long hours you spend at work and the stress you experience, you might want to treat your partner into a pampering session. Do your research and find the best spa in Singapore for couples. This type of date idea will surely be enjoyed by both of you. Spa in Singapore for couples offers different services that you can avail such as body massage, body scrub, facial spa Singapore, and even nail pampering.  There are also packages that are affordable and worth your money. So instead of dining in an expensive restaurant, you can just have a date at a spa.


  • Try different activities

When was the last time that both of you tried something new activity together? Maybe it has been a long time since you always have a movie date or dinner date. It is the reason why you should do your research and find activities that you and your partner will enjoy. If you are both adventurous, try physical activities such as mountain climbing, zip lining, or visit a place where there are different obstacle courses. While if you are not adventurous, there are other activities that you can do like trying new sports, doing arts and crafts together, or just even go for a road trip.


  • Go for traditional

Traditional date ideas might seem not appealing to you but your loved one will surely appreciate if you set one for both of you. Invite her to have a picnic at the park or visit a museum together if she loves art. These date ideas will not make you shell out a lot of money but you will still have a great time together. You can also watch a theatre play instead of a movie and even just spend your day together in a park. Remember that spending quality time together is what’s important.


  • Binge watch

If you both love watching movies but do not want to leave, then just do it at home. There’s no need for both of you to prepare and drive to the cinema. Pick movies or even TV series that you both like and start binge watching. Grab some snacks and dress yourselves in the most comfortable clothes and just spend the whole night together. This date idea might be simple but it’s surely sweet and will be memorable.