How to Move on After Losing Someone You Love

In this world that is full of uncertainty, plot twists and surprises that will knock us off our feet and catch us off-guard, only death and taxes are sure. And although some con artists, tax evaders and criminals might have the gall, cojones and grand, comprehensive plan to elude the watchful eyes of the agents of the Internal Revenue Services, everybody will feel the touch of the Grim Reaper himself one way or another. Every single person here on earth, the young and the old, men and women of all races, will bite the dust and go to the great gig in the sky someday and no amount of healthy living, balanced diet or exercising in the gym can make people live forever and cheat death.


And there is no feeling more sombre, dreadful and miserable than attending the Singapore funeral service of someone that you hold close and dear to your heart because our friends, family and loved ones are the people that make the meal of life more palpable. And that is why the gaping and deep hole that they leave in our hearts when they finally pass on will never be filled up once again and no amount of condolence cards, funeral wreaths and flower arrangements is enough to make us forget the treasured memories that we made through all the years. Here are some key pieces of advice that will help people move on and get their life back on track after losing people that are special in their world.


Bring Out the Picture and Home Videos

Instead of listening to depressing, classical music and wearing black outfits and dark ensembles during the funeral services in Singapore or other Southeast Asian countries, people can bring out their old photo albums and home videos so that they can look at the pictures and watch home movies that they took during momentous occasions in their lives. This will help them remember the fun times that they had and help alleviate some of the pain that gnaws insistently deep inside their chests.




Swap Stories and Share Anecdotes

During the funeral services in Singapore as well as during the wake, the family of the bereaved are deep in mourning and their sadness and misery is so thick that you can cut it with a sharp knife. To help them process their feelings and make them see the light at the end of the long and dark tunnel, friends and members of the extended family can swap stories and share personal anecdotes that they have about the dearly departed to make them come to life even if just in their mind’s eye.


Stay Together through the Tough Times

The time when they finally go home and start their life anew without their loved ones is more painful and miserable for the mourning family and this is when deep depression sinks in and takes over their life. To help them move on, see the silver lining of the dark clouds overhead and see the beauty of life once again, friends and family members should stick together and brave the storm holding each other close because this will make them process their loss and feelings better.