6 Commonly Used Materials in Making Outdoor Furniture

Once we were able to fulfil that coveted dream house for our family, the feeling is undeniably overwhelming. The mere fact that we were successful in building that personal vision of ours is such a wonderful achievement.


If there is one part that we should not forget about the house plan; that would definitely be the outdoor living area. We should allot a space wherein we can have our morning coffee session, a place where we can breathe fresh air every day or simply a chill out place for our loved ones. It may be as big as a garden or as small as sun room, patio, porch or a deck, the important thing is we have this element in our place. Complementing it with beautiful outdoor furnishings such as tables and chairs will make it more picturesque and perfect. This type of fixtures comes in an array of style, design and price depending on the materials used.


If we are deciding on purchasing a piece of outdoor furniture soon, here is an overview of six commonly used materials.


  • Wood

Furniture that are made from these materials are either softwood or hardwood. The hardwood usually comes from trees such as kwila, teak or any broad-leafed trees. On the other hand, needle-bearing trees are the source of almost all softwood. Whatever we choose, both woods are durable and weather resistance to external forces, just make sure to keep maintain it as often as possible for a longer lifespan.




The least expensive among all type and the best to withstand any kinds of outdoor dining set for our verandas or terraces, this is the most economical choice rather than buying a more elaborate and pricey sofa Singapore.



It is mainly comprised of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and iron. Definitely the sturdiest and preferred option for windier environments, the only downside of these things is the regular check up to prevent them from future rust formation on its surface. Metal outdoor furniture in Singapore is known for its luxurious look and appearance that is why they are in demand for a lot of consumers.


Synthetic Wicker

Commonly known as Rattan on Asian Markets, these are relatively new kinds of materials which are patterned after a natural Rattan product that consists of a woven metal frame tightly stretched to create an interlaced surface. It is also decorative and appealing in its visual appearance that is why it is slowly gaining popularity as the choice for outdoor furniture.



The heaviest object among the raw materials. This is advisable if a consumer wants to invest on an al fresco fixture that will not get easily blown away by strong winds and be easily taken by thieves and burglars.



This particular type is usually expensive because it is only being made for customized designs and styles from a particular client.


Choosing the right tables, chairs and other stuffs for our outdoor spot will always depends on our taste and preference. It is always better to compare first and decide later on which one will suit best for our humble abode.


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